Cajun Seafood Eatery Crab-Walks to Las Vegas

Crab N Spice will serve its delectable cajun cuisine across the Valley
Cajun Seafood Eatery Crab-Walks to Summerlin
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Crabs and lobsters and shrimp, oh my. A parade of delectable seafood is heading to Las Vegas and soon locals will be able to join in on the feast.

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Mcmillian Latayan, a business partner and relative of the owners, told What Now Las Vegas that Crab N Spice has been approved for five locations in the Valley, with the first restaurant coming to Summerlin by the end of the year. Latayan and his wife have a combined experience in the restaurant industry and are both CNS partners. Latayan explained that Crab N Spice had been wanting to expand to Las Vegas for some time but had simply been waiting for the right moment to do so.

The origin story of Crab N Spice dates back to the family home kitchen in 2014 when an experimentation of spices led to the creation of the signature CNS sauce, which quickly became a favorite among family and friends. Crab N Spice soon after opened its first brick and mortar in Ventura, followed by restaurants in Palmdale, Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Valencia with one coming soon to Phoenix. Now the family-owned cajun chain is readying to make a big splash in Las Vegas.

Crab N Spice offers “a different level of seafood boil” with a mouthwatering menu packed with cajun classics and signature flavors such as the original Crab N Spice, Lemon Garlic, Coconut, Hawaiian, and All-In. Aside from choosing a flavor for their seafood boil, patrons also choose whether they would prefer shell on or off and the level of heat, which ranges from original to “Assassin8” to appease both thrill seekers and those who would rather play it safe. The savory selection of seafood patrons can order by the pound includes king crab legs, dungeness crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, crawfish, lobster tail, and snow crab legs. Add-ons in the bag include corn, quail eggs, sausage, and potatoes.

As if pounds of seafood boil weren’t enough, Crab N Spice also offers baskets of calamari, fried tilapia, fried cod, and popcorn chicken, among others, that are served with french fries, sweet potato fries or cajun fries. If you feel paralyzed by indecision, simply go with their famous Garlic Noodles or Cajun Pasta, both of which marry beautifully with their signature Crab N Spice flavor.

Crab N Spice is currently under construction at 7501 W Lake Mead Boulevard in Summerlin. Because the 3,329-square-foot space had formerly been occupied by another restaurant, most of the construction entails renovations. The new location will mirror the flagship restaurant in Bakersfield with a modern medley dark wood and steel, contrasted with vibrant reds and wall-to-wall chalkboard menus. The Summerlin outpost will offer both indoor and outdoor seating with a total seating capacity of 100.

Latayan told What Now Las Vegas that Crab N Spice will launch by October but may open as soon as September, depending on construction. We’ll be sure to let you know when you can put on an adult food bib for the savory cajun seafood feast.

Photo: Official

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