K4K House Expected to Open in April

A new project for Klothes 4 Kids is underway in Las Vegas.
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Founded in 2017 by then 14-year-old Nijel Murray, Klothes 4 Kids is now working on a boutique clothing shop to benefit foster children. The K4K House is expected to open to the public at 710 W. Van Buren Ave. in Las Vegas this spring.

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When Nijel initially founded the non-profit organization, he and his family stored donations and packed duffle bags from their home, and later volunteered out of a rental house. “In Nijel’s heart, his goal for it was to open up a clothing store, a clothing boutique because he wanted it to be just a cool little place, particularly for teenagers,” said Shon Murray, Nijel’s mother and Director of Klothes 4 Kids.

“Each room is being designed for each child. So we have a baby room, we’ve got a toddler room, tween room, and teen room,” Murray explained.  “Especially for teens, we want to create an environment for them to come inside and choose their own clothes.”

Foster families and kinship placement families can complete an online request for a duffle bag filled with seven days worth of clothes. “It’s so exciting to be able to pack bags for these kids and give them the brand new clothing, pajamas, and socks. Things like that,” Murray said.

“We asked Nijel, if you were taken away from us, what is the one item that you would want because we wanted to put items of comfort in the bag, as well,” Murray said. Nijel replied that he would like a blanket, so every bag they give out also includes a blanket to help comfort the foster child and provide a sense of security. The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education also provides new Nike duffle bags, backpacks, and tennis shoes.

K4K House is still looking for help to finish up landscaping and shelving throughout the house. They hope to open to the public sometime this April.

Correction: Changed “in” in subheadline to “is”.

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