New Las Vegas-Based Restaurant is Offering a Unique Seafood Experience for Seafood Lovers

The team behind ShangHai Taste has opened Sea Fresh in the growing Las Vegas Chinatown
New Las Vegas-Based Restaurant is Offering a Unique Seafood Experience for Seafood Lovers
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After the success with ShangHai Taste, a restaurant known for xiaolongbao or soup dumplings, the team behind the restaurant has opened a new restaurant in Chinatown. The new restaurant is called Sea Fresh.

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Every day, Sea Fresh receives air shipments of freshly caught sea fishes from Maine and Seattle. The 16-seated u-shaped bar is serving dishes such as diver scallops, lobster-like coral grouper, abalone and black cod.

“At Sea Fresh, we are driven by a desire to offer visitors and residents in Las Vegas the best seafood experience they can get,” said Chef Jimmy Li, who is on the team at Sea Fresh in a statement. “It is very exciting to pick up live fish and seafood from the airport each day. Most of them are caught just hours before being shipped directly to us. Some of the fish arrive still alive when we start our cooking process. It’s an honor to cook with such pristine and fresh seafood.”

The coastal seafood bar is a specialist eatery that serves seafood to seafood enthusiasts. The bar picks up the fish at the airport, after which they are often meticulously chosen and sent by Southwest Airlines and Alaska Air.

“Sea Fresh is well-known for its appealing serving styles, restaurant ambiance, and attractive architecture, apart from its obvious best cooking techniques,” cited Jennifer Kim, a resident of Las Vegas and customer at the restaurant. “I believe this is a must-visit restaurant for seafood lovers like myself, as they offer a variety that any other restaurant in the town rarely delivers,” she added.

Sea Fresh is open six days a week from 5pm to 1am excluding Wednesdays.

Fresh fish and seafood are displayed in the center of the bar, so guests can choose what they like.

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