The Giordano Brothers Find Higher Ground For Tattoo Shop In Peace Plaza

Higher Ground Tattoo will open a new venue in early March
higher ground
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As a student and a business owner, Nick Giordano seeks out higher ground wherever he can find it. For his tattoo shop, Higher Ground Tattoo, that means finding a new home base.

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Giordano is taking his team of four artists to a new shop at 4375 S Buffalo Dr., where they plan to open within the next couple of months. 

Ever since April, the artists at Higher Ground have been working out of “a broom closet,” as Giordano told What Now Las Vegas. As the business has grown, they’ve set their sight on a more spacious shop in Peace Plaza. 

“Wherever we’re at as people, there are a million lessons to be learned,” Giordano said. “I’m pretty sure we’ve learned all the lessons we’re going to at that cramped little shop. We’re really looking forward to having our space and doing art together.”

Against all odds, the team has managed to stay together throughout the pandemic. Artists Dora Billmyer, Brian Giacobone, and Nick’s brother J Giordano, will all be moving to this new location, where they hope to find more space for helping clients and making art. 

In addition to running the business, Nick Giordano has also returned to school to study art. At UNLV, he hopes to pursue his passion for oil painting and drawing and study to become an art professor. But, it doesn’t stop there — Giordano wants to make it clear to his clients that education is everything. 

“I have five or six clients that are not allowed to get tattooed by me again until they enroll in college,” Giordano said. “I don’t do it to everyone — I mean, it’s the weirdest sales pitch. If they never come back, whatever. But if they do, then they’re doing their part to be a better person.”

Higher Ground Tattoo at Peace Plaza is set to have a soft opening in March, with more grand opening festivities to follow. 

Olivia Langen

Olivia Langen is a food and culture journalist who has written her way around the world. After traveling from Moscow to Mumbai and Tokyo to Taipei, she has found her way back to sunny Southern California. There, she spends her free time reading fiction, learning languages, and playing music.
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