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Back Office Ninjas

We are a company comprised of dedicated and highly-skilled business professionals who are passionate about solving employer problems or taking on special projects for companies of any size. Our goal is to give back to business owners the time lost on activities that distract them from their dream. We do this by rescuing them from the suffocating crush of back office paperwork, giving valuable time back to business activities that produce value and profit.

Like you, all business owners begin with a dream. Your vision and driving passion is to provide your product or service to the world! Too often, business owners encounter challenges taking them out of their comfort zone. Do you feel stuck in a single area? Are you overwhelmed by the constant demand of operating, managing, and growing a successful business? Don't face your challenges alone. Back Office Ninjas supports you at every stage of your business

Phone: 1-800-681-9998
Primary Services
  • Full Charge Bookkeeping
  • Business Operations
  • Payroll
  • COBRA Billing
  • People Management

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Cynthia Adams

Owner, Managing Consultant

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