Twice Baked Times Two: New Chapter of Local Comfort Food Favorite Arriving Soon

Rochelle Hodge-Conyers shares the secret behind their beloved baked potatoes

There is an update to this post: Twice Baked Has Big Plans in Store for 2021

Twice Baked food
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Twice Baked has been building a loyal fan base for five years, from setting up stands at festivals to opening their first brick-and-mortar location on Craig Road. However, Rochelle Hodge-Conyers knows that the history of Twice Baked dates back much earlier than 2016. 

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“The recipes come from my mother and my grandmother,” Hodge-Conyers said. “Growing up in Las Vegas, we have a big family and there was just a small handful of us who would be in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother, usually me. So I always watched what they did.”

Before Hodge-Conyers began her culinary career, she was a professional hairstylist for 25 years. As soon as she began selling her twice-baked potatoes at festivals and carnivals throughout the Valley, the business gained significant traction. Each year, they try to attend as many festivals as possible. These include farmer’s markets, The Great American Foodie Fest, Tacos & Tamales, casino events, and more.

“The food festivals were really how we established our customer fan base,” Hodge-Conyers said. “The people who try our food at those events become regular customers, and they follow us to even more festivals. We call our fans ‘food explorers’ because they follow us wherever we go.”

Along with her husband Lennie Conyers, Rochelle Hodge-Conyers recently decided to expand Twice Baked into a brick-and-mortar storefront at 6020 W Craig Road. They don’t have an exact opening date set, but they expect to open sometime in February.

As for what’s on the menu, their ‘food explorers’ can anticipate fresh-baked comfort food that spans a wide range of culinary styles. From their crispy golden fried egg rolls to decadent strawberry poppers, Hodge-Conyers prefers to leave the labels out of it.

“I don’t call it soul food, American food, Mexican food, or Chinese food — I call it an infusion of styles,” she said.

“Another reason we’ve grown so much is because of the amazing food that we have. It’s consistent, it’s hot, it’s fresh, and we make everything daily,” Hodge-Conyers said. “All of those things embodied are how you formulate a successful business. Whether you’re living in good times or bad times, you know you’ll still be sustained from the amazingness that you provide to the customers every time they walk in.”

Photo: Official | Rochelle Hodge-Conyers and Lennie Conyers
Photo: Official
Photo: Official
Photo: Official

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